Practice Areas:

Banking, Finance and Securities

Vector Legal lawyers are renowned for their extensive experience and leadership in the financial, banking and securities markets. In general, we advise on the incorporation and authorization of financial entities and their operations, within the supervised fields of the banking and securities. We have actively participated and leaded the incorporation and authorization of private banks, financial entities and insurers in Costa Rica, as well as their respective financial conglomerates.

We also offer daily advice to clients on credit agreements, guaranty agreements, equity investments, debt restructuring, and securitization,among others. Additionally, we advise our clients in the process ofregistration and deregistration of companies in the National Securities Registry of Costa Rica, the issuance of debt and securities in a public offering, the authorization of public offerings, (IPO), the registration ofinvestment funds, as well as the procedures for obtaining licenses or concessions in any area of financial law.

Insurance and Reinsurance

Following the opening of the local insurance market to competition, the attorneys at Vector Legal pioneered the licensing of private insurers and producers in Costa Rica and are leaders in the field.

We advise our clients on legal and regulatory inquiries, as well as in the diverse proceedings before the Insurance Superintendence, including the authorization and licensing procedures, product registration, licensing of producers, claim analysis, and overall regulatory compliance as regulated entities.

Corporate and Mercantile Law

We offer integral services on the various aspects of corporate and mercantile law. These services may vary from simple tasks, such as the incorporation of entities or day-to-day advice, up to assistance on more complex matters as merger and acquisitions, due diligence procedures, reorganization and restructuring of companies and business conglomerates.

We also offer advice in international trade and commerce, including maritime transportation, as well as the incorporation of companies under the free trade zone regime.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Vector Legal attorneys have vast experience in local and cross-border M&A transactions. Our services in M&A transactions include:

  • Incorporation of legal structures or vehicles to execute mergers or acquisitions of diverse entities.
  • Legal due diligence of the target entity(ies).
  • Assistance, preparation and registration of the various contracts and public deeds related to the purchase of assets or companies.
  • Trust and escrow services for M&A transactions.
  • Authorization procedures before the antitrust agency COPROCOM.

Business Reorganization

We have actively participated in the structuring, restructuring, and/or reorganization of various entities and businesses, thereby complementing with our legal advice the tax and financial structures prepared for our clients. We can also assist in the creation and implementation of corporate governance structures and/or shareholder agreements for a given entity. Moreover, we offer assistance in the creation and potential execution of succession and will structures of shareholders over their share and asset ownership.

Trust and Estate Planning

We offer advice to family groups and clients as to the organization of their business and assets to ensure the protection and well-being of the family, the needed assistance for elders, and the eventual heritage and family legacy.

Labour and Employment

Vector Legal provides legal advice to companies on various matters relating to employment law, including preparation and review of labor agreement, review of internal regulations, termination of labor agreements, labor inquiries on day-to-day operation, among others. We also offer guidance and representation on resolution of labor disputes as well as litigation.

Notary Law

Vector Legal public notaries have vast experience in the exercise of notary public’s duties, which can only be performed in Costa Rica by licensed attorneys. We offer our clients complete assistance and advisory in the preparation and granting of public deeds required for the day-to-day operation of their business, the acquisition of assets and/or companies, as well as for the incorporation of new entities. Moreover, we are ready to assist our clients with the registration of (i) pledges, (ii) mortgages, (iii) loan agreements, (iv) mortgage bonds, (v) leasing operations, and (vi) guaranty trusts.

Real Estate

Our attorneys have vast experience in structuring real estate projects, as well as in sale and purchase transactions. Vector Legal offers various real estate services to developers, investors, or single buyers, which include:

  • Due diligence of properties and/or companies.
  • Assistance, preparation and registration of the various contracts and public deeds related to the purchase of real estate.
  • Incorporation of legal structures for the development of real estate projects.
  • Trust and escrow services for Real Estate transactions.

Antitrust and Consumer Law

Ever since the enactment of the local laws and regulation for the fields of consumer and antitrust law, the attorneys at Vector Legal have been leaders in the analysis and advisory in such fields to interested companies.

We assist our clients in day-to-day inquiries respecting their obligations toward consumers, as well as the rules and rights concerning competitors in their fields of operation. We further advice on the mandatory notice and authorization procedure for business concentrations, as required by law.

Conflict Resolution and Legal Disputes

The lawyers at Vector Legal have vast experience in conflict resolution procedures and legal disputes in courts of law. Among others, we advise on conflicts arising in the application of commercial, civil, labor, constitutional, administrative, transportation, financial, and public law.

We also have ample knowledge in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) procedures, in which we have assisted our clients in the negotiation and execution of conciliatory agreements.

Intellectual Property

Vector Legal attorneys have vast knowledge and experience in advising companies on the protection, maintenance, and defense of intellectual property rights, as well as in administrative, civil and criminal litigation related to intellectual property.

Trust Services

As part of our services, our firm has its own independent fiduciary company, Fidelex Fides Ltda., which provides services for guaranty trust operations of our clients with banking institutions or other parties. Fidelex is duly registered before the Superintendence of Financial Entities (SUGEF).